ISO 26262

ISO 26262


✔ How to make product ISO26262 compliant.
✔ Industry Know how (OEM, Tier1, and Service Industry).
✔ How to handle new/legacy product development.
✔ Professional shall be able to manage, plan, monitor and execute Product development until assessment independently after course completion.
✔ Module is prepared after interacting with industry expert who are currently playing the FSM, HW FSE, SW FSE, System Safety engineer at OEM, Tier 1, Service industry across Germany, UK, USA and India.
✔ Step by Step guide about activities and responsibility at system, HW and SW development.

Course Contents

✔ Introduction to identify gaps.
✔ Brief overview about Vehicle Safety.
✔ Functional Safety, SOTIF and Cyber Security overview and interdependency.
✔ Introduction to Functional Safety.
✔ ISO26262- Part 2 Functional Safety Management
✔ FSM Role and Responsibility.
✔ FuSa Template for the FSM.
✔ Dummy Project execution with different use case scenarios.
✔ Support for the Profile Preparation.

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