How can Westernlabs support you?

We understand that the Training is key for effective Implementation of the Processes defined be it ASPICE or ISO 26262 or OEM standard requirement. We conduct onsite / online trainings on ASPICE that will help employees the activities / tasks that needs to be performed by the team for the Processes defined. Our Training model is briefly categorized as –
Process Training – with focus on Process Walkthrough.
Role Based Training – with focus on Roles and Responsibilities for the Role to achieve ASPICE compliance.
We can support in the Automotive SPICE®® – SWOT analysis through Implementation and assessments to ensure the compliance to standard is achieved with demonstrated benefits of Process and Product Quality. We have a proven unique “Problem driven Implementation” approach that focuses on tying the challenges / problems faced by the organization and identify / Implement Best practices from ASPICE to address the challenges. Our unique consulting approach consists of five steps..
Problem Statement Definition / Goals – Creating Business Case for Process Improvement Implementation.
SWOT Analysis of the Current Processes – Strength / Weakness / Opportunity of Processes against ASPICE model.
Re-Engineering of Processes to meet the ASPICE compliance and set up Quality management System using Eclipse Process Framework adopting Lean principles.
Deployment support and Training (Role based)
Audits and Internal Assessments to verify the Process compliance to defined processes and model.
Harmonization of OEM standard requirements and ISO 26262 with ASPICE processes.

OEM’s has mandated suppliers to follow & demonstrate Industry Best Practices from models like ASPICE / ISO 26262 and internal standards. We can support in the deployment of OEM standards and help in demonstrating compliance.
VW – KGAS standard for Suppliers
BMW – standard for Quality Requirements
Process Awareness Training
  • Set the Training Goal and Expected Outcome
  • Walkthrough of ASPICE Base practices for VDA scope processes actions required for implementation
  • Walkthrough of Work product characteristics for processes
  • Duration : 10 Hours
    Mode : Web Training
Role Based Training
  • Set the Training Goal and Expected Outcome
  • Walkthrough the process expectations and actions for the Role identified
  • Summarize the roles and responsibilities from ASPICE perspective
  • Summarize the work products that the Role is responsible for
  • Explain the Interfaces / TouchPoints with other processes
  • Duration: Depending on the Role agreement
    Mode: Web Training

Take Away: Soft Copy of the Presentation and Mind Map


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